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NGO "Dignity of the Nation" raised UAH 36,000

During the events dedicated to the Days of Defenders of Ukraine, as part of a charity concert, the Lviv public organization "Dignity of the Nation" raised funds for the needs of the military.

The organizers of the event, the head of the Lviv branch of the NGO "Dignity of the Nation" Stefanyshyn Eleonora and the head of the ATO ATO in Lviv region Volodymyr Pravosudov donated UAH 36,000 to the military hospital in Lviv.

Charitable Foundation "The foundation for Military Medicine Support" expresses its sincere gratitude to the benefactors. The funds raised will be used to help and support military medics and wounded ATO / OOS fighters who are in the Military Medical Clinical Center of the Western Region - Lviv


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